About Us

Office supervisor

From chest x-rays to PET scans, our board-certified physicians and technologists have been serving all areas of Brooklyn for the last 25 years. Our radiology practice is physician-owned and managed, and prides itself on putting accurate results and patient comfort first.
Our board-certified radiologists Allen B. Zelman, M.D., Harvey Coopersmith, M.D., Daniel B. Norowitz, M.D. have been trained in the latest medical imaging practices.
All of our technologists know how to precisely operate every machine to produce accurate images.
The technologists at Radiology Associates of Brooklyn facilities are state licensed and regularly attend continuing education seminars to stay up to date on the latest techniques, technology and patient care.
We offer to our patients MRI / MRA, PET / CT, computed tomography, sonography / ultrasound, digital mammography, digital x-ray, digital flouroscopy, hysterosalpingogram, bone densitometry and nuclear medicine diagnostic tests.
Radiology Associates of Brooklyn is supervised by Roberta Sickles. She is registered nurse and has earned a reputation as a friendly and professional office supervisor.